Our process and project pipeline includes steps that ensure your TOTAL SATISFACTION.

At Olympia Holdings we take your ideas of how you want your home and study your requirements in detail and then offer appropriate solutions, based on our experience and local legal requirements. Our experience team will closely collaborate with you throughout the entire project, so that at the end of it you see your property exactly as you imagined it.

Initial Consultation

You are welcome to meet with us, free of charge and discuss your project. Appointments can be arranged in person or via Zoom.

Design Development & Permits

Our team develops a project based on your requirements and within your budget. All required permits are also secured.


We strictly follow all applicable building codes and work with clients to ensure that everything goes according to pre-approved plan.

Final Inspection & Acceptance

Before each project is complete and acceptance is signed by our clients, we go through an inspection list, to ensure total satisfaction.


Our strict quality compliance process and provided warranties ensure your investment is well taken care of and protected

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Why Invest in Philadelphia?
This is because of Philadelphia’s low vacancy rate and high apartment demand. In addition, metro Philadelphia real estate market is still considered largely affordable and attractive to both investors and end-users, especially when compared to other major US cities of equal size. Both of Olympia Holdings managing partners are local Philadelphian residents who are knowledgeable with every Philadelphian neighborhood and live and breathe the Philadelphian real estate market. Moreover, Olympia Holdings leadership are themselves heavily invested in the Philadelphian real estate market and strongly believe in its healthy long-term growth and success.
Historically Low Vacancy Rates
Metro Philadelphia Population
Average residential sale price increase, 2010-19.